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Veterinary Specialists

Here at Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital, we are happy to provide both routine medical care and illness and injury treatments for your animal companions. We are also capable of performing surgeries as well as handling emergency and critical care cases during our regular business hours. Just like your own personal doctor, we can handle almost all situations that come through our doors. Sometimes though, conditions arise that require veterinarians that have more specialized training. A veterinary specialist has received intense training and has been certified by a specialty board in their specific area of practice. This knowledge and experience gives them the ability to get to the root of your pet’s condition. Veterinarians may specialize in internal medicine, reconstructive surgery, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, dentistry, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, and many other areas of veterinary medicine.

At Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital we are fortunate enough to have both Dr. Keith Kremer, an internal medicine specialist, and Dr. Herbert Maisenbacher, a cardiology specialist, visit our hospital and provide their specialty care services to our patients. We are also fortunate to be located in close proximity to the Peninsula Animal Referral Center in Yorktown, where many of the veterinary specialists in our area practice. By working closely with these referral doctors, we can develop a long-term treatment plan that can be continued here with your regular veterinarian at Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital. This continuation of care gives your pet the best opportunity for a long and happy life.

For other specialty services, we also maintain close relationships with other neighboring referral facilities and veterinary colleges. Your pet’s health and wellbeing are our main focus, so we maintain a full network to be able to provide your pet with the best care possible.

To find out more about the Peninsula Animal Referral Center, please visit their website by clicking here