Prescription Policy

Capivari Prescription Refill Policy: At our clinic we have chosen to not refill request from any other online pharmacies. This is because we do not know where they get their products from and how they are handled at other companies. Our products are competitive in price, safe and mostly, guaranteed! However, we would be more than happy to fill your prescription at our clinic with a doctor’s consent or write a written script for you to pick up at your convenience. Controlled substances:

  • An evaluation of a patient is needed when prescribing a controlled substance for pain.
  • When a controlled substance is prescribed, it must be used at the lowest effective dose for the least amount of time.
  • The supply must not exceed a 7 day supply, an additional 7 days may be prescribed only after a re-evaluation of the patient has been made by the veterinarian to determine its necessity. The patient must be seen at least every six months for re-evaluations if prescription is to be extended.
  • A discussion about risks, responsibilities, and disposal of unused drugs must be completed between a doctor and owner before dispensing any controlled substances.

Where and how to dispose of unused medicine: