Happy 15th Birthday Lil!!

My focus is helping our clients with the management of their pets health through preventative health education, and of course, providing medical and surgical needs when they are ill or injured. Today I would like to share one of my own pet stories. We are celebrating Lil’s 15th birthday. What an exciting and adventurous 15 years she has given us. Mole hunter extraordinaire, horse whisperer, health care educator, friend to many, excellent representative of her breed, sweetie pie, competitor- fussing at a 60 pound dog competitor for a critter in a hollow tree-yikes, boat wrangler- as she walks the rail fussing at a dolphin in the bay, beach comber and great mentor to many other canines. Her preventative health care has served her well, plus she must have good genes. She has been very healthy, which required a lot of dental care- typical of small breed dogs.  Her most serious health issue was a well earned foreleg fracture. She thought it was time to climb the hierarchy in our family and her opponent, our beloved Esther Williams, 6 years and 6 pounds her senior, quickly put her in her place. It sure was hard to keep her down while she healed- owner compliance! At this time she is very content and active, with less response to voice messages and troubled by vision deficit. She enjoys her sun baths, long naps and prefers to call the shots……now when I ask her to perform a command or one of her many tricks, she performs several with vigor or just quietly walks away as I read her bubble, “not right now, I need a nap”. Rest all you want sweet girl, stay healthy and hopefully grace me with another 3-4 years, I will be your eyes as your vision diminishes.


Lil as a puppy

Lil as a senior


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