Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology is the next step in animal health care and we are proud to offer it to our patients here at Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital. This state-of-the-art X-ray imaging process allows us to obtain superior radiographs of your pets in a fraction of the time a traditional radiograph machine would take. As well, the images that are produced on this machine are of a far superior quality and clarity than traditional X-rays. This higher quality X-ray system can provide a more accurate diagnosis, allowing our doctors to treat many issues that would go unnoticed during routine physical examinations. Hairline fractures and arthritis as well as the size and location of foreign bodies or cancerous tumors can be seen and our veterinarians can manipulate the images so that treatment options can be more carefully planned and customized to provide the best outcome for your pet. As our x-rays are produced in digital form, they can be easily transmitted via email. Our hospital maintains excellent relationships with veterinary specialists so that we can electronically share the digital images on difficult cases and receive quick consultation. We can also produce a CD-ROM of your pet’s digital X-ray image to take with you to a specialist appointment or for you to view at home and keep with your pet’s medical record.

Digital Radiology Hospital Services Cat X-rayWe also use digital X-ray with our dental procedures to help with detection of tooth decay and infection. Being able to gain a better view of your pet both inside and out gives us an extra edge in your pet’s medical care and helps us to provide the best care possible.

Utilizing our digital X-ray machine is friendly for our environment. Traditional X-ray development required the films to be processed through a series of chemicals. By incorporating the new technology of digital radiology, we are able to eliminate this unnecessary process, saving time and our ecosystem.