Prescription Diets

Specialty Foods not sold in Retail, Food Allergies

At Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s health is our top goal. In an effort to better provide for your pet’s medical needs, we have a fully stocked pharmacy, which includes a full line of prescription diets. Sometimes you will find that there are no foods that are sold in the retail marketplace that are appropriate for you pet, (often because of food allergies or intolerance to certain components within normal pet food) and in that case a prescription diet may be in order. We carry a large variety of prescription diets in stock at all times, and are always happy to place a special order for you if we do not have exactly what you are looking for.

Prescription or therapeutic diets are only available by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian to address a specific nutritional need in your pet. These diets are formulated to target a specific metabolic process of animals and are modified to effect certain changes to an animal’s immune responses, digestions, blood pressure, renal function, blood sugar levels, or metabolism. These special diets contain formulas that may not be appropriate for otherwise healthy animals, which is why our veterinary experts must prescribe them.

At Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital we offer several prescription diets to assist with your pet’s health needs. Our diets help with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, urinary issues, liver and kidney issues, bland diets to assist with vomiting and diarrhea or sensitive stomachs, and more.

There are many health benefits to incorporating a prescription diet into your pet’s treatment plan. These may be used in combination or in place of other medications. Please speak with one of our veterinarians if you are considering changing your pet’s food and we can discuss with you a change that would be appropriate and as well as healthy for your pet.