Boarding and Bathing

We offer boarding for pets of all sizes. Our boarding staff is fully prepared to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Our boarding staff is very kind, caring and compassionate. Their goal is to make your pets visit as healthy and enjoyable as possible. They understand “there is no placehappy dog at boarding service yorktown like home”, so they work extra hard to meet your pets needs while they are away from home. We are fully equipped with bedding, food and toys for your pets. They will feed them as you have directed. Bring their own diet if you prefer, especially if they are on a prescription diet. Our staff is available to take your pet out 3 to 4 times a day, into several spacious grassy yards, to allow your pet to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. We will administer any daily medications your pet may require. Charges are by the night and prices are determined by the pet’s weight. There is an additional fee for daily medication administration.

We also offer pet bathing services at a small fee for your convenience.  Your pet may be due a bath or you just want to assure your pet returns home fresh and clean.  Just ask when checking them in!

One of the more common treatments for dermatological problems is therapeutic bathing and sprays. There are a wide variety of shampoos and treatments to relieve itching from allergies, mange, yeast problems, infections, or just minor skin irritations, and many of those products are available for both professional and your home use. Please ask us for more information if your pet suffers from skin issues.

Please stop in for a tour anytime!
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