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Hybrids Form

I have been informed by the professionals at Salty Paws Animal Hospital that my pet, as a hybrid (e.g. wolf hybrids, coydogs, Savannah or Bengal cats), is subject to laws which differ from those of domestic pet dogs and cats. l understand that l am responsible for housing my hybrid according to state permit regulations. The Virginia Statute and website link have been provided to me, so that I may reference adequate confinement and responsible ownership codes. (Title 3.1, Chapter 27.4, Article 6.2). I understand that the Rabies vaccine used in dogs/cats has not been scientifically proven to provide effective protection against the Rabies virus in hybrids. USDA has not labeled any vaccines for use in hybrid animals. Veterinarians may choose to vaccinate hybrids as an extra-label use of a biologic. I have been informed of “extra-label” use.

I will vaccinate my hybrid according to standard dog/cat protocols in an effort to reduce the risk of Rabies. If my pet is involved in a bite incident, I am liable and the hybrid can be euthanized at the discretion of animal control and tested for the Rabies virus. Thus, the health director has the authority to have animal control take possession of the animal and have it euthanized and tested.

Hybrids Form

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