Dental Health

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Our doctors and technicians receive special training from Veterinary Dental Specialists in order to protect your pet’s teeth and overall health.

At Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital, we believe dental exams and professional cleanings are an essential part of pet health. Without a strong oral health program for your pet, plaque and bacteria can build up very quickly. This can cause painful tooth damage and disease that could potentially lead to problems throughout your pet’s body including the kidneys, liver, and heart. 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show some signs of oral disease by the age of three. Periodontal disease is the most common of these problems and it causes the destruction of important structures that help hold your pet’s teeth in place. At Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital we want to keep your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible. Oral health has a direct link to the overall health of the rest of your pet including their vital organs.

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Regular professional cleanings are important to maintaining your pet’s teeth. We use modern and safe cleaning techniques to clean each of your pet’s teeth thoroughly, both above and below the gum line. Because we feel that dental health is vitally important to your pet, we have invested in state-of-the-art dental equipment and high quality digital dental radiography to provide your pet with the best in medical care and allow our veterinarians to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems your pet may suffer from. Advanced dental care is available including digital dental radiography, dental extractions and oral surgery.

We highly recommend canine OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews combat bacterial attachment, the starting point of plaque, calculus and halitosis. Each chew releases delmopinol HIC, an ingredient that coats the teeth, tongue and gingiva to create a protective barrier against the bacteria that cause bad breath and are the basis for plaque. OraVet chews can be purchased at Salty Paws in 14 count boxes or 30 counts boxes.

Having a home care plan, can make a huge difference in your pet’s comfort and health. To learn more about OraVet chews click on the provided link:



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