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Oliver’s Observations

Sitting on the front desk I have noticed a lot of found pets coming in without collars. Some of these lucky animals have been microchipped and have been returned to their worried owners within minutes. Only 15-20% of lost dogs without identification are returned back to their owners. Less than 2% of my fellow cats are returned […]

K-Laser at Salty Paws is a hit!!!

Gosh…I am so excited to see the results of our new K-Laser therapy unit. We added this treatment modality only 8 weeks ago and I am delighted to see so many patients relieved of pain, inflammation and benefit from accelerated healing. Dogs are walking better than expected after trauma, wounds are healing faster, arthritic patients […]

Tatum Talks Teeth!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!! Did you know that dental disease affects 78% of dogs over 3 years of age and 70% of cats over 4 years of age? Hear at Salty Paws we are dedicated to helping our clients understand their pets dental needs throughout all life stages. Dental exam should be […]